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Usage Overview

Get an overview of your venue’s WiFi usage with details such as the number of customers connected, returning customers, age-range etc.


Whenever a new user logs into your wifi, Wifigen adds his details into your visitor's database. Wifigen improves your knowledge of the customer with every return visit improving metrics such as demographics, spending habits, and visiting frequency.

Build Customer Relationships

Use wifigen to keep in touch with your customers. Offer special discounts to your most loyal customers straight from the dashboard keeping them satisfied. Employ wifigen triggers to apprise yourself about customers who haven't visited for a while

Artificial Intelligence Done Right.

Our software actually thinks and never sleeps.

Wifigen keeps a tab on your customer metrics so you can focus on the most important aspect of your business, Growth. Our proprietary AI Technology uses 'Wifigen Triggers' to keep you knowledgeable about information such as customer lifetime value, customer demographics, one-time visitors, recurring visitors & customer birthdays. With this information, Wifigen enables you can ameliorate your marketing campaigns and improve your customer relationships. Sleep well as our AI takes care of the rest.

Wifigen's Platform at a Glance.

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Visitors sign into your WiFi using either their social credentials or their accounts.


Control your WiFi from cloud using our custom dashboard built to show you everything about your wifi users.


Stay connected with your visitors using our emailing system or in-usage ads.


Convert your wifi into an effective marketing channel.

Customer Profiles

Automatic triggers for your business to provide you realtime update for customer usage patterns.


Automatic triggers for your business to provide you realtime update for customer usage patterns.

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